Discover the Spirit Within

Khalsa Camp 2021

Khalsa Camp Australia

31st Dec 2020 - 4th Jan 2021


Khalsa Camp is a well established name which represents one of the highest quality and most inspirational Sikh camp available in the world.

Khalsa Camp's aim is to provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself into a Sikhi experience like no other, free from the distractions that our day to day lives can bring. Camp is not only about inspirational lectures and interactive workshops, but also about practising Sikhi through the beautiful Amritvella and evening Kirtan Divaans. 

"Not only do you form a better relationship with Maharaj, but you form friendships and memories that you keep with you forever."

"It's a camp where you get everything in one, and you grow as a Gursikh."

"You learn more each day. Even while walking with the Gursikhs or listening to the lectures. There's always something to learn."

"There was one point during camp where something just clicked. I felt this immense connection to Sikhi. It wasn't just one thing in particular; it was everything from the talks, the kirtan diwan to just being able to mix around with other people who are each on their own path in Sikhi."

"I came with good Gursikh intentions, but not the commitment. What I've learnt here is really going to take me to the next level."

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